The Banning of Alex Jones

Yesterday, Facebook, Google, Apple, and Spotify all decided it was time to silence Alex Jones. You may not be a fan of Alex Jones, in fact, most people have written him off as a crazy person anyway, but the blatant censorship of Alex Jones and Infowars by these massive corporations should alarm you. It may just be “crazy Alex Jones” so who cares? But they’ve demonstrated how easily it is to silence someone, considering these company are practically monopolies. It’s Alex Jones today, but it could be someone you follow next.

This was obviously a coordinated effort by these corporations. The bans occurred on the same day, yet none of them have provided any reason as to why Alex Jones was banned. Yes, they threw out some general excuses such as “hate speech” or “harmful conduct” but they have yet to provide any real support for those claims. For those that have seen Alex Jones, you know that he has been critical of these corporations, as well as, several prominent members of the political elite. I find it very hard to believe that this was not politically motivated. Alex Jones has been on the air for years saying the same sort of things, but people are just now having issues? This is clearly an abuse of these platforms monopolistic positions.

Alex Jones is not the issue. This is not what you should be worried about. The corporations have demonstrated that they own the flow information, and that they are in it together. With the right amount of investment, any individual or group can push their views and agenda through this huge conglomerate. Where else can you go for information? I am currently searching for alternatives to all these platforms, and I’ve been relatively successful. I encourage everyone else to do the same. We have to show these corporations that, if they behave inappropriately, they will lose support. They are arrogant enough to pull this off, they assume the public is full of idiots and sheep. They think they have no reason to be concerned. Are you going to sit back and take it? The Alex Jones ban may not effect you now, but it’s only a matter of time before they come for you…



Author: Free Thought Blog

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