The Media’s True Intentions

When it comes down to it, it’s always about money…

I’m sure we can all agree on what we think the media’s true responsibility should be. Most would say that their job is to report the facts so that we can be informed about what is going on in the world we live in. It seems like a pretty straightforward idea, but ask anyone on the street if they believe that the media outlets are doing this job effectively, and you will most likely get a resounding “no”. Why is that? And when did this change occur? One might argue that it is the result of the 24hr news networks that drives the need to push news that is exaggerated or even fabricated. One may also argue that the business models have changed in a way that favors stunning headlines over all else. Headlines that bring in the most clicks is the way to maximize profits. The content of the articles might as well not even be there; it’s more of a formality…

We need to hold our trusted news outlets to higher standards. I wanted to go over a few things to watch out for in order to get a better picture of what’s really going on. The current media will use a vast number of shady tactics to either, get you to click and share articles or make you think a certain way.

Watch the wording. Often times they will throw in descriptive words to describe something a certain way to try and sway your opinion of the matter without you knowing. There is no room for this in an honest news source. Their job is to report the facts. It is up to us to determine what we think about those facts.

Check the sources and support. The news being reported should have plenty of evidence to support its claims, however, in the current age, this tends to take a back seat if it’ll make better headlines. The drive to be the first outlet to report on something has led to countless errors and falsehoods being reported. When later corrections are issued, it does no good as the damage is already done. Make sure the claims being made come from a credible source. Also, if studies or statistics are being presented, make that the information is sound and truly supports what is being claimed.

Ignore pictures. This is one of the more sneakier tactics that can be used to form your opinion for you. For example, if a particular piece of news is meant to paint an individual in a negative light, there will often times be a matching picture of an individual that makes them appear menacing. Or if they want you to get emotional, they may include pictures to appeal to that emotion. This type of activity does not belong in honest news. It’s important to notice when you are being manipulated. Stick to the facts.

The media’s true intentions are simple: they do whatever makes them the most money. Unfortunately, today, people are so easily manipulated by the media that accurate news is not the focus. They can tell you what to think and what to care about, and then throw things in your face to get you worked up for no reason. People no longer care about getting accurate information, they care more about reading those shocking headlines and getting emotional. That’s where the real money’s at…

I encourage everyone to subject any news source to militant-level scrutiny. If we want to see change, it starts with the people. Call them out when they don’t hold up their end of the bargain.



Author: Free Thought Blog

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