Motivation: A Lost Behavior

I wanted to write a quick post on something I’ve observed over the last few years regard motivation, and society’s apparent lack thereof.  I’ve gone back and forth over this issue trying to figure out what’s causing it. Is it society as a whole? Is it specific generations? Specific types of people?  Whatever the real cause may be; it has become apparent to me that so few people have any sort of drive/motivation anymore.  Everyone seems to be fine with working jobs they hate, only to come home and, in many cases, sit in from of the television only to do the same thing again the next day.  Complacency is running rampant, and it’s getting humanity nowhere.

What I see now…

Is honestly, a very boring, uninteresting society.  There a definitely some exceptions, but for the most part, nobody seems driven to achieve anything.  When I ask younger people what they want to do after high school, I typically get the should shrug, followed by an ‘I guess i’ll probably go to school for such and such and hopefully get a job.  There’s no passion in their voice, so I know it’s not something they really want to do.

I see so many people, almost everyone if i’m being completely honest, sit and complain day after day about how much they hate their job and how their life is going nowhere.  Some seem to actually enjoy this mundane lifestyle, and that’s fine, to each their own; but for the ones that hate it, it seems as if they expect a meaningful, purpose driven life to fall out of the sky.  Nobody wants to put forth any sort of effort.  I don’t want to hear anyone complain about their current situations if they aren’t willing to put forth any sort of effort.

It’s not just what I mentioned above either.  People don’t even seem to have interests or hobbies anymore.  All I ever hear about is social media and television.  When I ask someone what they do for fun, nine times of ten its ‘uuuuhhhh….I like to watch Netflix’.  I’m struggling to even come up with a single hobby that I know someone is actively pursuing.  It’s very disheartening.  The pursuit of knowledge seems all but extinct as well.  It seems that now days people may run into situations where they may not have knowledge regarding a certain subject, and instead of learning something new, they simply write it off as useless, or a waste of time.

Why are people okay with this?

This is the question I cannot find a firm answer for; maybe one of you readers can contribute your thoughts.

My first thought was that maybe this was a generational thing.  Our current, younger generation seems so obsessed with social media status, pop culture, TV, games, etc.. They get jobs for the sole purpose of paying bills and feeding their before mentioned addictions.  Nobody seems to have a sense of self identity; everyone wants to fit in so that their social status remains intact.  Now this is only what I’ve noticed, I could be completely off-base with these assumptions; i’ll leave it to the readers to confirm or deny based on their own personal experiences.

My second thought relates to the previous recession that we’ve worked our way out of.  Around the time I was attending college, everyone had this dreary attitude about them regarding the current economic state and how they were never going to find a job.  I saw so many people who had aspirations to get degrees in the liberal arts areas, turn around and settle for something ‘safer’ in order to have a better chance of getting a job.  People should be free to pursue a career in something they love.  From a hobbies/interest perspective, people don’t want to waste time pursuing these things that cost money, and are okay to settle with television.

My third thought was the mindset that society says “you’re not good enough”.  I’ve seen this a lot as well. People have goals and dreams that are quickly quashed when they realize that there are so many people out there already that have achieved these goals.  They think that they don’t stand a chance.  People just starting out in a hobby or career path are comparing themselves to the best of the best.  It’s important to realize that it takes time and effort to reach goals.  Maybe laziness is a contributing factor.  Too many people want instant gratification.  You need to learn to walk before you can run.  I think an easy example is people that want to get into shape.  They spend a good three days on their new program or plan. don’t see results, and promptly revert back to their old ways.

Some Encouragement

I just want to encourage everyone reading this…find something you’re passionate about and give it everything you have.  Never give up!  Don’t worry about what other people think, don’t worry about anyone else that appears to have had more success than you.  I guarantee they had struggles of their own.  You do you at your own pace, and enjoy the ride.  The journey towards the goal is where character is built.  In my opinion, that’s where all the fun happens.






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