Obligatory First Post

What is the purpose of this blog?

I’ve created this blog in order to have a space to put what’s on my mind into words.  This will provide me a way to talk about things that I may not get a chance to talk about with someone before the idea leaves my mind.  I’ll be able to come back and review/reference past thoughts.

As to what I will talk about; it could be literally anything from politics, movies, books, television, conspiracies, philosophy, music…anything.

I feel like quality, written word has declined drastically in the last decade.  Nobody I know does any sort of writing anymore.  I hope I can encourage others to start writing as well.  There are so many brilliant minds out there that have so much to contribute to the world, but I feel like there is so much criticism and judgement, especially with the anonymity of the internet,  that many refrain from speaking freely.  The recent obsession with being sensitive/politically correct has hindered the ability of many to truly express themselves.

I will post what is on my mind, and I will not be worried about anyone that may be offended.  Part of what makes the human experience interesting is that we all have different though processes, beliefs, etc.. If everyone thought the same, life would be excruciatingly boring.  One of my pet peeves is when people get personally hurt when someone disagrees with them.  I’ve seen so many discussions turn hostile because of this.

We all need to be able to listen and consider all sides of a discussion objectively.  It’s not a contest; there are no winners and losers.  It’s important to stick to your beliefs and not be swayed by pressure from a majority, however it is also important to always keep an open mind.  If someone provides evidence that opposes something you believed to be true, you can’t take it personally, but rather embrace this new knowledge.  I can’t be the only one that welcomes opposition in a discussion.  Everyone has lived vastly different lives, and as such, every single person has the potential to provide unique wisdom.  I have always made an effort to listen more than I talk, and give everyone a chance to speak there mind.  I don’t have to agree with everything they say, but I should at least hear everything they have to say.  Too many people are to busy thinking about what to say next rather than listen to who’s talking.  Hear the complete discussion, than formulate a response.

I kind of went on a rant there, but that’s what this blog is for…

I will make an effort to post something every day.  I know i’ll always have something on my mind.




Author: Free Thought Blog

Sharing ideas should not be feared

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